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  • Dilemma of informed consent in precision medicine


  • Robert Kuhn: Documenting China’s poverty battle

Dialogue ?

  • Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, president of The Kuhn Foundation and China Reform Friendship Medal Recipient, has been highly involved in recording the Chinese people&rsquo;s great fight in eliminating extreme poverty.
  • Seminar advocates social application of terminology

News ?

  • The Eighth International Seminar on Chinese Terminology Construction was held in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, on July 17. Scholars exchanged views on terminological interactions in East-West scientific, technological, and cultural exchanges.
  • Sci-tech system reform for original innovation

Special Coverage ?

  • In the new era, sci-tech evaluation system reforms in China have to align with world sci-tech frontiers, and highlight the cultivation and enhancement of original innovation, so as to achieve "zero to one" breakthroughs in more areas.
  • China's Silk Road has always been a lively cultural exchange, and most of it has been a two-way cultural communication, or multi-directional cultura…
  • The Longshan Culture was a late Neolithic culture which flourished in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River from about 2,500 to 2,000 BCE…


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