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> Publications > Historical Research > 2015 > issue 354,no.2(April 2015)


Social Sciences in China

Supervisor Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Sponsor Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Editor Social Sciences in China editorial office
Publisher Social Sciences in China Press
ISSN ISSN 1002-4921 CN11-1211/C
Publication type Quarterly
National post office subscription code 2-531
Oversea post office subscription code BM171
Editorial office(contact information) 010-85886569
Distributor 010-85885198 E-mail:fxb-zzs@cass.org.cn
Online submission http://www.csstoday.net/Category_193/Index.aspx
Printer Beijing Kexin Printing Co., Ltd.
Subscription service Post offices across the country
Oversea distributor
Journal price (paper edition) RMB 80 yuan
Journal price (digital edition) RMB 80 yuan